Cards per page option causing time out error while trying to connect to the database


A user has set Urban Turtle Cards per page option to View all cards and an error message similar to this one is displayed:

TF26174: Team Foundation timed out trying to connect to the server. Check that you have a network connection and that the Team Foundation Server is available. If the problem persists, contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.



In the planning board, there is a menu that allows to set the number of cards displayed on each page. Urban Turtle can sometime have difficulties displaying all the work items in a card stack for large backlogs.

The usual solution to solve this issue is to open Toolbar  >>  Card per page  and set it to display 25, 50 or 100  cards per stack. However, if the timing error prevents the user from accessing the planning board, a more drastic solution needs to be applied.

Open [TFS_INSTALL_DIR]\Application Tier\Web Access\Web\Urban Turtle\configuration where all the per user settings are stored. For a user named user_name, there is a file called user_name.settings. The file can be deleted and it will be automatically recreated with the factory default. Otherwise, it is possible to modify the file by changing the cardsPerPage value.

<project Id="123">


Replacing the 2147483647 value by 25, 50 or 100 should solve the problem. Once it's done, Internet Information Server needs to be restarted. To do so, open a console on the server with administrator privileges and run the command iisreset.

Note: If a user has access to multiple projects, the correction has to be made under the right project section of the XML file

Warning: When IIS will be restarted, every user currently connected to Urban Turtle will be disconnected.

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