Only individual members of a group are visible in the "Assign tasks to" list


 The Assign tasks to drop list only contains users who are set up as individuals in the group and not users who have been assigned to a group.



Urban Turtle is designed to list individual members, and not groups, in the Assign tasks to list. This is meant to allow for better control over the contents of the list as not everyone who has access to the project should appear on this list.

For example, let Contributors and Strategy be security groups where Contributors = {Louis, Luc, Dominic, Strategy} and Strategy = {John, Mark}. All user are members of a security group and Strategy is a member of Contributors. Only Louis, Luc and Dominic will be in the list because, unfortunately, Urban Turtle will not dig in the Strategy subgroup to get John and Mark.

One solution is to have a group that lists all people who can access the project, and add this group to the Contributors group. Then, each developer is added individually to the Contributors group to ensure that only them are listed on the Assign tasks to list since only the developers should be working on the tasks. Continuing with the example would give Contributors = {Louis, Luc, Dominic, John, Mark, Strategy}


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