Urban Turtle 3.7 Release Notes


  • Task board: Asynchronous Updates
  • Task board: Ability to highlight the currently selected user's tasks
  • Task board: In-place editing of work remaining
  • Task board: Active User Selection
  • Planning board: Independent Scrolling Sections (iteration/area and work items)
  • Planning board: Number of cards per stack is now configurable
  • Beta version of the Scrum for Team System v3 configuration mapping file



  • Actions are completed even when the session is expired
  • Spinner is now shown when clicking on a card stack
  • Switching between viewing the iteration or the area on a card is now instantaneous.


Fixed issues

  • Fixed issue where work item types not mapped to the Done column would not appear on the planning board when the "Hide Resolved Work Items" filter was checked
  • Fixed issue where data would be displayed for the next day (tomorrow) on the burndown chart
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