Urban Turtle 3.9 Release Notes


  • Warning Zone
  • Work items can be sent to the recycle bin from the task board
  • Work items now display a corresponding icon when blocked
  • Detailed tooltips for all work items, including sprints
  • Sprint details are now available from the task board
  • In-place editing now supports story points/effort field
  • In-place editing now available on the planning board



  • The task board now save its own current iteration and area setting
  • In-place editing allows decimal values
  • In-place editing clickable zone has been expanded
  • Initial support for Chrome and Safari
  • Centered the Hour Burndown popup
  • Global settings now all per-collection activation


Fixed issues

  • New child items are never assigned to the current user
  • Ranking value is always initialized to 0 when creating a new work item
  • Changed the taskboard column headers to gray instead of orange
  • Fixed issue where not specifying the expected number of sections in the configuration would cause an error
  • Fixed issue with invalid characters in user name such as the single quote or backslash
  • Fixed random javascript issue related to script added to head element
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