Urban Turtle 3.10 Release Notes


  • Support for custom link types
  • Support for the Direct Links query mode
  • Team configuration



  • Support for Scrum for Team System v3 (improved via custom link types and the Direct Links query mode)
  • Configuration and Projects pages now scrollable
  • Pages now listed in drop-down lists on the task board
  • Expand/collapse on the task board now replaced with an Ajax call


Fixed issues

  • The recycle bin icon on the task board is now shown or hidden depending on the item's state
  • The burndown chart now uses the settings from the calling page correctly.
  • The work item types not configured to appear in the planning or task board are now dimmed when forced to be displayed because of their position in the hierarchy (e. g. a test case between a user story and a task).
  • A tooltip description is now enclosed inside a PRE tag when the field type is not HTML to preserve line breaks.
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