Urban Turtle 3.11 Release Notes


  • Print support
  • Filters on the task board



  • Business value on the planning board
  • Commit action now applies to current view
  • Column headers only appear once on the task board
  • 1000 work item limit to improve performance with large backlogs
  • Detailed tooltips are only displayed when over the work item title
  • All configured teams are listed on the Team menu
  • Blocked state can now determined through a configured value


Fixed issues

  • Javascript issue on Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Tooltip added on customizable fields when using the Scrum 1.0 template
  • Detailed tooltip contents is now properly wrapped for non-html description fields
  • Automatic refresh when leaving the Work Item Editor on Internet Explorer 9
  • Invalid licenses are no longer applied when saved through the Upload License page
  • Random issue when switching iterations on the task board
  • Issue where work items in the Other Work Items section of the task board could not be moved
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