How do I upgrade from version X to version Y?

You can download the latest version of Urban Turtle from our web site.

The upgrade process for most users is this:

  • Uninstall the current version
  • Install the new version

Uninstalling the application only removes what was originally installed. This is why you should never modify the configuration files that ship with the application. You should always create your own. We always make sure to have backward compatibility for settings and configuration files. Settings files, custom configuration files, log files and the license file will all be left untouched when uninstalling the application.

It is strongly recommended that users perform a full browser refresh when accessing the new version (Ctrl+R in most browsers). This is to ensure that updated resource files (javascript, stylesheets and images) are downloaded instead of being fetched from the cache. The common effect of not doing this is using outdated resource files and a weird-looking planning or task board! It is not necessary to reset Internet Information Server after an installation.

Upgrading to TFS 2013

The only recommendation that we are making with regards to upgrading from TFS 2012 (or the TFS 2013 Preview/RC builds) to TFS 2013 is to uninstall any version of Urban Turtle prior to the upgrade.

If you have upgraded from TFS 2012 while having Urban Turtle installed, you may encounter a small glitch while trying to uninstall Urban Turtle but this can be easily fixed.

Once the upgrade procedure is complete, you will notice that the Urban Turtle is obviously missing from Team Web Access. At this point, all you need to do is install the latest version of Urban Turtle for TFS 2013 and you will be up and running in seconds.

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