Modifying the default limit of displayed work items

The number of work items that can be displayed in Urban Turtle is by default limited to 200. Starting with Urban Turtle 4.3.0, this limit can be user defined by adding an instruction to the configuration mapping file of the working process template.

Warning: Raising the limit number of work items that can be displayed can impact the performance of the server and increase the loading time for the Product Backlog, the Sprint Backlog and the Fast Track.


Modifying the configuration mapping file

The configuration mapping file is a XML file that allows Urban Turtle to understand the working process template. It is usually located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 11.0\Application Tier\Web Services\Areas\UrbanTurtle\Configuration, assuming a default installation of Team Foundation Server. The file as to be modified so that a <Querying> tag is added in the <Features> block:

<TemplateConfiguration ... >    
        <Querying MaximumWorkItems="[number of work items]" />

where [number of work items] is a positive integer.


For example, to have Urban Turtle display 500 work items, the line would be: 

<Querying MaximumWorkItems="500" />


Since there is a different configuration mapping file associated which each working process template, the configuration mapping file corresponding to the project type must be selected.  For example, if project Foo is a Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 project, to have the desired number of work items displayed, the corresponding configuration mapping file, Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0.xml, must be used. It is strongly suggested that all modifications to a configuration mapping file be made on a copy of the original since the original files are overwritten when Urban Turtle is re-installed or updated. So, continuing with the example and following this best practice, a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0.xml is created and renamed Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 with 500 limit.xml. The name attribute of the <TemplateConfiguration> tag is modified accordingly and the tag becomes

<TemplateConfiguration Name="Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.0 with 500 limit">

so that Urban Turtle can display the proper name. It is then possible to choose the newly created configuration mapping file from Urban Turtle's configuration tab by clicking the Apply button next to it. A green check mark will confirm the selection.



Note: Every project that uses the same configuration mapping file will be affected by the change


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