Installation Guide

Download Urban Turtle

The latest version of Urban Turtle can be downloaded from our web site. Make sure that you are selecting the version that corresponds to your installation of TFS. The web page will give you clear indications on what version is required to run Urban Turtle.


Install Urban Turtle

Transfer the MSI file on the computer that runs your TFS server. There are multiple ways to do this. The file can be copied through the network or transfered with Remote Desktop

Find the MSI and double click on it. This will start the Urban Turtle setup wizard.


Click on Next to pass the welcome screen;

Assuming that you accept the license agreement, select the I agree radio button and click Next. The installation will start.



It might be asked to give permission to the setup program to make changes to the computer. If it is the case, authorize the changes. The setup program will copy the needed files for Urban Turtle and add the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE user to the Team Foundation Service Accounts. This is needed for Urban Turtle to work correctly.

Once Urban Turtle is installed, you will be presented with the screen that confirms that the installation has finished. Click Close to dismiss it.

Users logging into Web Access will now be able to see the Urban Turtle tab on their project home page.


The utinstall.txt file attached to this article contains the details of the actions performed by the setup program. 


Activate Urban Turtle

The first user that accesses Urban Turtle through Web Access will be redirected to the About page. In order to use Urban Turtle, the software must be activated by uploading a license file. This file is attached to the email that is sent to the person that requested a trial or made the purchase.

To upload the license, save the file from the email to the local hard drive. Connect to your Web Access server and the to Urban Turtle. If the software has not previously been activated, Urban Turtle will automatically redirect you to the About page. Click the Choose file button and select the file saved from the email.


Click Apply to save the license in Urban Turtle.


Uninstall Urban Turtle

Urban Turtle can be uninstalled just like any regular application. To uninstall UT, in the Start menu, select Control Panel and Uninstall a program. In the list of programs, select Urban Turtle and click on the Uninstall button located on top of the list.

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