"A WorkItemType is empty in VisibleWorkItemTypes" configuration mapping file validation error


When accessing Urban Turtle, the user is redirected to the configuration tab and the following error message is displayed next to the configuration mapping file that should be valid for the current working process template:

A WorkItemType is empty in VisibleWorkItemTypes



This error affects Urban Turtle 4.12. It is caused by a change made in Urban Turtle on how it handles the Feature work item type. Instead of creating a new work item type, Urban Turtle selects a existing type as a base for the type. If the original base type is not defined in the configuration mapping file, the error message is displayed.

To define the base work item type, the following XML code must be added under the  <Feature> block in the configuration mapping file:

<BaseWorkItemType Name="[work item type]" />

where [work item type] is the base type. The following table shows which base type should be used for common working process templates:

Working Process Template Base Type
Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.x Product Backlog Item
MSF Agile 6.x User Story

Note: Base types are case sensitive



This is what would be written in a configuration mapping file for a working process template based on Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.2:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TemplateConfiguration Name="Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2.2">
<BaseWorkItemType Name="Product Backlog Item" />


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