Work item custom ranking

If you need to keep your urban turtle wok item ordering independent of TFS's backlog priority, you can create an alternate ranking field for your work items using the following procedure: 


  1. Export the work item types definition files using the TFS command witadmin using exportwitd for each work item types (i.e “bug”, “feature”....)
    How to:
  2. Add a new line in the field section for the new sort field in each configuration file.
    ex: <FIELD name="UT Priority" refname="UrbanTurtle.Priority" type="double" />

  3. Import the changes in TFS using the TFS command witadmin using importwid.
    How to:

  4. In the urban turtle xml configuration file, find the field “Ranking” and change its value to fix the new field created in step 2.
    ex: <Ranking Field="UrbanTurtle.Priority" />

  5. If needed, apply the new configuration in the section “configuration” of urban turtle.

To keep the priority set in the existing work items, you can import the work items in excel using the team explorer, copy the values from the previous ranking into new ranking field. Once the data is copied, you can update the values in TFS using the publish action in Excel.

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