AutoAssign vs. AutoReassign

Originally from ticket #297.


I have two columns in my sprint backlog, "Todo" and "In progress" where the later has AutoAssign set to true in configuration XML.

I have two work items in "Todo". The first is not assigned, the second is assigned to someone else.
Whe I move the first (not assigned) work item to "In progress" column, the work item is assigned to me.
Then I move the second one to the "In progress" column and the work item is not assigned to me.

Is this expected behaviour?

I'm using ver.

Thank you,

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Zvonko,

    Yes. I have the same behavior. When there is a value attributed to the assign field, moving the work item from the 'To Do' to the 'In Progress' column will not reassign the workitem, even if auto-assign is set to true. To assign the work item, just move the card back and forth again or edit the field in the workitem details window.

    Note that you can also change who the work item is going to be assigned to by selecting a name in the 'Team Member' menu.


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    Zvonko Bostjancic

    May i suggest a small feature?

    I would add another option in XML, let's name this option autoreassign. And the new behavior would be:

    1. if autoassign = false and autoreassign = (any): nothing happens
    2. if autoassign = true and autoreassign = false: current behavior
    3. if autoassign = true and autoreassign = true: work item is assigned to current user even if it is already assigned to someone else


    Thank you,

    1. If work item is not assigned: if autoreassign is true, the work item is assigned

    • for autoassign the current behavior stays the same (regardless of au
    • if utoautoreassign = true, the option is conde
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