Support of 2 to unlimited number of columns in the Task Board

Originally from ticket #309.

I have a question regarding UT 4.2 for TFS 2012.
In the middle of May-2012 you announced the release of a new version of UT with support of 2 to unlimited number of columns in the Task Board.
We are currently considering renewing our license with you as we recently upgraded from TFS 2010 to 2012, but I cannot see this feature in the 2012 version?
I can see that you can configure the columns in the Fast Track section (which is useful there) but not for the Sprint Backlog section…?

Did you not implement this feature in the newer 4.2 TFS2012 compatible version of Urban Turtle?


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Michael,

    Urban Turtle 4.2 does support multiple columns in the Sprint Backlog (formely called the Task Board). To configure them, you have to modify what is called the configuration mapping file. It is a XML file that contains all the information that Urban Turtle needs to understand the working process template. You can learn more about the CMF and how to customize the Sprint Backlog here.

    Eventually, we would like the task board to be as easily configurable as the Fast Track but this as yet to be implemented.


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