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We want to install an evaluation version of Urban Turtle on our TFS 2010 server. My main concern is that I only have a production system for installation and no development environment. My plan is to take snapshots of my virtual servers (I have a two tier installation: application tier & DB tier), so I could restore those after installing and if the system appeared to have issues. I just wanted to understand the installation a little better. Does it alter the database structure at all ... new tables, columns. I assume that I can uninstall from the control panel on the application tier and should be back to an original state.

Just a little paranoid as this is my one and only production instance, so understand what get affected and how I can mitigate any impact would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Eric Wood
PRA International

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    Hi Eric,

    Urban Turtle does not alter the tables or column that TFS uses to store the work items. It is possible to uninstall Urban Turtle from the control Panel and TFS and Web Access will continue to work as before. Urban Turtle does however makes calls to the TFS API to store information like user settings. We do not know how this information is stored or organized since we go through the TFS API. Most likely, the information Urban Turtle adds remain somewhere in the database but is ignored once Urban is uninstalled.

    I hope this answer your question.


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