Is it possible to buy Urban Turtle for our team (15 users) if we share a common TFS server with other teams?


My client is a big company and we share with a lot of teams our instance of TFS. For our migration to TFS2012, the centralized decision has been to drop Urban Turtle (sadly) in a couple of months.

If our team decides to pay for the license for 15 users (we want Fast Track and the dashboard!), is it possible to "isolate" the use of the Turtle for us only? How could this work?



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    Hi Isabelle,

    It is possible to restrict the use of Urban Turtle to specific projects or collections. If one has access to multiple projects, he will only see the Urban Turtle tab on the projects for which UT has been activated. 

    To enable per project activation in Urban Turtle 2012, click on Administer Team Foundation Server on the server home page, then urban turtle > Enable per project activation. You should see a list of all the projects on the server. Just check the projects for which you need Urban.

    Hope this helps.


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