Moving UT config files to a TFS 2012 environment


Can you tell me what is the process for moving the customized Urban Turtle config files from a TFS 2010 installation to TFS 2012? I am wondering if I can use the same config files in the 2012 version and if so where would I put them. The path doesn't appear to be the same as in the 2010 version. If I can't use the same config files, how do I modify the Urban Turtle config files to work with my migrated projects?


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    Hi David,

    It should be possible to use Urban Turtle 2010 files in Urban Turtle 2012. It is not possible to give a definitive answer since the possibilities for customization are infinite. The best way would be to try the file in a test environment. The directory for the configuration mapping file in TFS 2012 is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 11.0\Application Tier\Web Services\Areas\UrbanTurtle\Configuration, assuming a standard installation of TFS.

    If you did not customize the configuration mapping file, you should not have much work to do. For example, a project that was migrated from Scrum 1.0 to Scrum 2.0 should be handled by the configuration mapping files that are shipped with Urban Turtle 2012.

    If the working process template was lightly modified, I would personally start over and re-modify the original file that comes with Urban Turtle 2012. For example, if you modified the configuration mapping file for Scrum 1.0. I would take the original configuration mapping file for Scrum 2.0 and adapt it to the working process template.

    It the working process template was heavily modified, you might have to adapt the configuration mapping file you had in 2010 to fit with the particularities of TFS 2012 and UT 2012 (for example, the sprint work items that does not exits anymore in TFS2012 or the Fast Track State definition that was added)

    In all cases, the CMF is a simple XML file that is pretty straightforward to understand and it should not be to complicated to adapt it. You can read the documentation on the CMF to help you with your work.

    You can also contact me if you have any specific questions on the CMF and I will do my best to answer you.


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