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Is there any documentation about the configuration XML file(s)? I am interested in what can be customized and how. Specifically:

1. Is there a way to configure Fast Track to treat "Parent" items just like all other items. So that they can be moved between columns, instead spanning across all columns. For instance, right now if I have a 2-level hierarchy of PBIs, the parent will be displayed at the top and the child as a "card" that can be moved between columns. If I add a new PBI and make it a Parent of the previous parent, that is, if I make it the new top-level PBI in the now 3-level hierarchy, this new "Grandfather" become the item that spans across all columns and even though the other two PBIs are still a hierarchy, they are shown as cards in the Fast Track board and treated as if they were same-level items.

2. How can I restrict the items displayed in Fast Track? I have a custom process template (based on MS Scrum 2.1) where I have a PBI WIT and a User Story WIT that is always supposed to be a child of a PBI (we could say PBIs are used for epics). Then those User Stories will have child tasks. I want Tasks to now show up at all in Fast Track. Basically, I intend to use Fast Track for product owners only and don't want the view to be "polluted" with TaskCategory items, I only want RequirementCategory items in Fast Track...

3. What is the condition for a WI to be displayed across all columns in Fast Track?

4. What is the condition for WIs to end up below the "Other Work Items" horizontal bar in Fast Track?

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    Hi Omar,

    You can find the documentation on the configuration mapping file on our Community and Documentation page here:

    1. Unfortunately, this behavior is by design. Parent work items are displayed spanned across all the board and their children are the cards that move across the columns. Work items that do not have any parents nor children will be displayed in the Other Work Items section.
    2. The best way to achieve this behavior would be not to configure the states for the work items you to not want to see i.e. leave the state of the work item to <None> for all the columns in the Fast Track configuration.
    3. The work item is one that has children.
    4. Work items that are in the Fast Track iteration and that have neither parents nor children are displayed in this section.
    You can learn more about the configuration of the Fast Track by reading the article on the Fast Track Configuration.

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