Differentiating between new and existing items

We just upgraded to TFS 2012 and Urban Turtle An issue we are experiencing is differentiating new items from existing.

We test during sprints, and QA associates bugs to the individual tasks. In the previous version those bugs would be highlighted by being in a "needs attention" state. This was a visual queue for the PO and PM that issues exist and they could then determine if they should be approved or not.

Now, with UT 4.4, new items do not show in Sprint Backlog until they are approved and committed. They have to be found in the Product Backlog. This is OK, but there is no way to tell (that I can see) in the Product Backlog what items are new and which ones have already been approved.

Am I missing something? Is there something we can do through the configuration file?


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately, the warning zone as disappeared in Urban Turtle 2012 and work items that are in a state that is not mapped to a columns are not shown in the Sprint Backlog.

    A possible work around would be to create additional columns and map the "New" and "Approved" states of the bug work item to those columns. You could also use the Fast Track to display the bugs in all their different states. This is what we do here.


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    Trent Jones

    additonally, can't they be mapped into the "ToDo" state too?

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