why doesn't my task show up on the task board?

I create a new task, not linked to anything, and in the case of one TFS project it appears.  In the case of another TFS project it does not show up.  why?  They both are using the same custom template and they are both using the same configuration mapping file.  

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Eric,

    To answer your question, I will assume that you are using Urban Turtle 2012 and that you are in the Sprint Backlog.

    Sometimes, work items can be created in a state that is not mapped to a column. This often happens while creating bugs in the Scrum template for example. The New and Approved states are not mapped to a column in the Sprint Backlog so a bug work item will not show up until it is in the Commited states. If the work item need to be visible at all time one can add extra columns to map the missing states by modifying the configuration mapping file.

    Items that do not have a parent or child are put under the Other work items category. For example, let's say that you create a Product Backlog Item and create children tasks under it. If you go in the Sprint Backlog, you will see that the PBI spans the entire board while the tasks are under it. If you cut the parent-child relations between all those work items, they will all move to the Other work items section. Note that even if the work item have a parent-child relationship, there is no grantee that they will not end up in the Other work items section. For example, if the parent is in one area and the children are in another, they will be shown at the bottom of the page when the work items are filtered by their respective area. Something similar can happen in the Planning Board of Urban Turtle 2010 if, assuming our previous example, you filter out PBIs. Its children will be moved to the Other work items section.

    Hope this helps


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    Eric Wood

    One note, when I select both product backlog item and task, then they appear on the page, if I'm just showing task, they appear on a page but lower down.  They appear to be getting displayed on a later page).  So it appears that cards per page is forcing them to  be displayed on a later page and that the selection of both product backlog item and task forces them to be displayed on the page in a different way.  


    This brings up a second question, what are the row header "other work items"?  How are items categorized into rows? Can somebody point me to an explanation of these categorizations?

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