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We just got the newer version of UT installed on our TFS2012 install. According to the documentation, Work Items not assigned to a column should show up in a "these items need your attention row".

This was happening for us in the 2010 version but is not happening now. I haven't made any changes to the UT config file and we are using the v2.0 scrum UT configuration.

I could modify it, but if there is something else to 'enable' for the 'these items" section please let me know.

Trent Jones

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Trent,

    The warning zone that was used to put the work items that were in a state that was not mapped to any column in Urban Turtle 2010 does not exits in Urban Turtle 2012. Work items in a un-mapped state will not show in the Sprint Backlog. This situation often occurs with the Bug work item type in the Scrum template. Newly created bug will not appear in the Sprint Backlog until they are set to Committed from the Product Backlog.

    You can make sure that every work item shows up in the Sprint Backlog by creating new columns and mapping them to the missing states (For example, the New and Approved state for the bug work item type). You can find how to add columns to the Sprint Backlog by looking at the documentation on the configuration mapping file.


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    Trent Jones

    While this may not work for everyone, Instead of creating new columns to map the missing states into, instead i just aded the "new" and "approved" to the To Do column in the UT coniguraiton file under the <Colum ColumnType="Todo">

    <WorkItemTypeState WorkItemType="Bug">

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