How do you order items on the fast track board?

We are attempting to utilize the fast track board for Kanban, unfortantly we've come into a bit of a road block as it seems we can't figure out exactly what the order of the cards are, and how to change them.  I've modivied both the business value, and the backlog priority fields, and this has had no effect on the ordering of the cards.  Please advise, not being able to sort the cards on the fast track board pretty much makes it useless

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    Hi Troy,

    The Fast Track should allow you to prioritize your work items. Parent stories (work items that spans all the columns) are sorted with the one with the highest priority on top. Cards in the board are sorted from left to right, top to bottom. If they are moved around the column, it is possible that they might get out of order. Refreshing the page (CTRL-R) usually solve this.

    When you try to prioritize your work items, does it work correctly in the product backlog?


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