Story point burndown char for TFS 2010


Could you please briefly explain how to use the story point burndown chart? We tried to create a product backlog item and assign the initial effort value. Do we meant to update the effort value everyday to reflect the work been done? As TFS locked the effort value, we are not able to change it anyway.



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    Hi Fan,

    The value of the first point in the chart is the total of the effort of each story in the iteration. Each time a story is put in the "Done" state, the points for that story are "burned" and are subtracted from the total of points in the iteration. The number of points in the iteration is updated each day at 23:59:59.

    For example, suppose than in an iteration, you have 3 stories of 3, 2 and 1 points respectively, the the first point on your graph will be plotted at 6. If during the first day, you close the 2 points story and put it in the "Done" state, the point for the next day will have a value of 4.


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