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Can I search on "User" and have any Product Backlog Item returned where “user” is listed? For example, I want to search on "User" and have returned all PBIs with "Users," “User,” "User-Role", UserRole" etc. listed.<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Matt,

    This question would probably be better answered by Microsoft since the querying system in TFS and Web Access is under their responsibility.

    Most likely, it is possible to create a query with clauses similar to these ones:

    Work Item Type = "Product Backlog Item"
    AND (Assigned To = "username" OR Modified By = "username" OR ...)

    You can create queries in Web Access by clicking on WORK > work items > New > New Query and entering the parameters for your query. You can learn more about queries in TFS in Microsoft's documentation:

    Hope this helps.


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    Matt Savage

    Thanks Francis. Since we upgraded TFS, the search works differently. Search on anything with "micro" will now provide 0 matches, but "micro*" will return Microsoft. Thanks again.

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