Merge custom fields in UT custom board and TFS backlog board

Both Urban Turtle and TFS (since version 2012.2) has made it possible to add custom columns to a board. The problem is that TFS and UT store this custom column information is different ways, UT in the FastTrack field and TFS in some other way. So if I create two identical boards in UT and TFS the moved workitems won't be moved in the other board.

Is there any merge of these planned, eg. so UT would store the the state in the TFS field?

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    Hi Mathias,

    The Fast Track uses a custom field to save the information on the column. However, the Sprint Backlog uses solely the state of the work item to determine which column a work item is assigned to. My suggestion would be to configure the Sprint Backlog to be identical to your TFS board. This should keep both boards in sync.

    You can add, edit and map columns to states by modifying the configuration mapping file for your working process template. The documentation on the configuration mapping file can be found here.


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