Release burn down dashboard is not including story points after release planning

When we are planning our release we are putting story points on the product backlog items.  We haven't tasked anything out yet.  The release burn down is not showing any story points, I assume because we don't have tasks.  We don't task things out until the sprint planning.  How can we set the release burn down to only report on the product backlog points assigned (since it should only deal with story points and not hours).  I rely on sprint planning to flesh out hours so we aren't going to plan all of the releases tasks up front.  Let me know your thoughts. 

We are using Visual Studio scrum 2.0

Nate Kresse,

Mgma Development Manager

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    Hi Nate,

    Urban Turtle does not rely on stories having tasks defined to compute or display the story point burndown. My guess on what is probably happening is that your release is set to start in the future and that is why you cannot see anything on the graph. I put stories in iterations under a sprint and set an iterations to dates akin to yours on one of our test server and got a similar result.


    The burndown will probably be displayed with the correct scale and ideal trend on September 12 at 0:00. Do you have a past release that you can test the burndown graph with?



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