Where are the goals stored in TFS when entered through Urban turtle

I am trying to produce a report from TFS with all our Sprints with the related goals but I have noticed that the Sprint Goal entered in TFS does not match with the Sprint Goal that is entered through Urban Turtle.  

Attached are the goals for the same sprint in TFS and in UT.  

Why are the goals not the same?  

How do I access the UT goals in TFS?

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    Hi Andrew,

    I cannot be sure just by looking at the screenshot but it looks like the "sprint" work item type was added to your working process template. Since by default, the sprint WIT does not exist in TFS 2012, Urban Turtle save the sprint goal in the TFS database. In your case, the sprint goal is probably saved as the value of the field for this specific work item

    Unfortunately, assuming I did not made any mistake on how your sprint goal is saved, the only solution would be to copy the sprint goal into both Urban Turtle and the sprint work item or to standardize where the sprint goal is saved with all members of your team.

    Hope this helps


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