TFS Work Item Transition Rule (set "assigned to" when moving from "To Do" to "in Progress) does not work

I added a Rule on a Transition in my Project Template Workflow to set the Field "assigned to" when doing the transition from "To Do" to "in Progress". This works fine when using the TFS Web UI in the opened Work Item, but does not work when i move the task using the Urban Turtle Sprint Backlog.

According the guys at Microsoft it seems that Urban Turtle somehow supresses the execution of the rules for a transition. Can you help me with this?

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    Erik LeBel


    Why do you have a rule on the transition given that TFS auto-assigns when putting a work item in progress through their task board as does Urban Turtle?

    There is no reason this shouldnt work, I would check the following:

    - The assignment was done, but not visually refreshed. This would be easy to prove or disprove when opening up the detailed work item view after its been dragged to the column.

    - your user account has administrative privileges, but is not a member of the team.




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    Thomas Berger

    Hi Erik

    Does this mean, that UrbanTurtle should do this for me automaticaly? Unfortunately there is no assignment done although I have set the user account as Team member. What else could be the Problem?

    Kind Regards


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