Are updates cumulative?

I updated from 4.12 to 4.14.  According to a member of my team, some functionality surround dashboards that was included in 4.13 is not included.  Do I have to uninstall 4.14, install 4.13 and then re-install 4.14 in order to bring the code based up to the latest?

Thanks, Eric



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    Jonathan Falardeau

    Hi Eric,

    No, you don't need to install all updates to get the latest version.

    Could you elaborate on the missing features?



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    Eric Wood

    let me check back with the developer.  He opened a ticket a while back regarding pulling the content of the page into a sharepoint site where is is building a overall dashboard.  This page enabled a visitor to click on a project and pull in the content of the individual "Team Dashboards".  He was sent a response from UT saying that 4.13 has a feature would enable his desired functionality.  Let me follow up with his ticket number and the testing he has done.  Se seemed to indicate that it was not functioning for him and since he knew we went from 4.12 to 4.14, he assumed that the 4.13 code was not included.


    I will follow up shortly

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    Eric Wood

    My apologies.  He says the feature is working as excepted. 

    Please close

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    Jonathan Falardeau

    No need to apologize. I assume that the feature mentioned is the ability to directly access the personal or team dashboard while toggling the TV Mode feature introduced in version 4.13. This can be achieved by using urls like so:

    Personal Dashboard, TV Mode on:


    Personal Dashboard, TV Mode off:


    Team Dashboard, TV Mode on:


    Team Dashboard, TV Mode off:


    Hope this helps.

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