Product Managment: Child / Parent vs. Related


We are using TFS with the work item types of Feature for a while. The User Stories are all linked to the Features with the link type of parent (or User Story to Feature as child). I guess this is also used by Urban Turtle in the Product Backlog and the Sprint Backlog views. In the Project managment board however it seems that the link type must be "related" to see the user stories linked to the Features and to see the sum of the Story Points of its user stories.

Is this correct, or is something on our TFS not configured the way Urban Turtle expects it?



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    Jonathan Falardeau

    When we designed the Product Management add-on, we were unaware that Microsoft would come out with somewhat similar Portfolio Management features in TFS 2013. We chose to use the Related link type for a few reasons. First of all, as the Product Backlog was already using the Parent-Child link type by default, and since a work item can only have one "Parent", we figured this limitation would be too restrictive. Since we chose not to display Feature work items on the Product Backlog, we decided the Related link type made more sense as it also enable us to eventually add support for linking Product Backlog Items to multiple Features.

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    Erik LeBel

    As an update to this thread: as of Urban Turtle 4.17, child work items are now linked using parent/child link types. This is more in line with Microsoft's usage of work items. Note that previously defined "related" links will continue to show up as parent/children, but new links will be of the new link type.



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