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I'm trying to use Urban Turtle through the Product Management feature set to show our release management plan in the Product Roadmap.  The concept I want to show is for a minimum viable product, and what user stories encapsulate that piece.  With that in mind, each feature may have additional stories that need to be developed outside of the MVP timeframe.

Are there any suggestions on how to accomplish this using this screen? Is there a way to add a release plan to the product roadmap or do I need to have Phase 1 feature and cut that off at the delivery date and then have a Phase 2 feature and lay that out, etc.?


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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi George,

    Sorry you didn’t get an answer quicker by this channel.

    Right now, there’s not easy way to demonstrate the MVP in the product management at the feature level. What I do is put a Business Value on my stories. And my business values use different levels of importance. 1 to 1000 represents optional stories – 1001 to 2000 represents important stories – 2001+ represents mandatory stories (MVP).

    In our next product management version, we will have this out of the box in Urban Turtle. In the progress of the features, so you should have a nice MVP tooltip on every feature. (See image)



    Also, if you use the business value and the levels of importance, the sunset graph is a nice graph to forecast your MVP. Here’s the description of this graph.

    Keep in mind that the sunset follow is base on a release, not a feature. 


    Hope this help,


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