Estimation Storyboard - Some confusing aspects

I'm new to using Urban Turtle and my team tried to use the Estimation Storyboard feature for the first time today and ran into a few issues.

1) After you have dropped a PBI on an estimate block and closed the window, returning to this screen they are grayed out and no longer editable/moveable. Is this by design? Why are they read-only in the estimation board?

2) If I add more than one PBI to a block one of the existing PBI's in that block disappears with no obvious way to get it to display again.

3) Why is there no clear way to open a PBI to see the details from this screen other than the (+) which just shows some of the information.



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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi John, 

    Thanks for your feedback on the estimation board. 

    The main focus of this feature is to estimate newly created stories or a whole backlog as fast as possible using the wall estimation technique. The “gray” stories are already estimated and they served as reference to compare the stories that you want to estimate. To goal is to estimate new stories and not to re-estimate the old ones.

    The layout of these features is made to work on tablet (Ipad and Android). That’s why we took the decision to only display two stories per block (real-estate on smaller screen)

    For your 3rd comment, we agree with you, and we already have some idea to improve this. But we don’t have any schedule for that right now.


    Thanks, Vincent

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    John Fuex

    In our case we started estimating our backlog items for a sprint, then took a break and came back to finish estimating them and found we couldn't move the ones we did from the previous meeting around. Usually we try to throw everything up in a box then go back and tweak our estimates after we can see them relativity to each other.

    Showing two at a time is okay I suppose, but there really ought to be a visual indication that there are more items in that box. Everyone in the room thought it was "deleted" when they saw it disappear and we spent a while in the meeting trying to figure out how to "get it back". Maybe a "More" indicator that is a hyperlink to expand that box to show the full contents?

    Last bit of feedback: It would be handy to have a configuration option so the boxes can optionally display a "Shirt Size" type estimation strategy. The team got hung up on whether the numbers represented hours and I think having a non-numerical category on this screen would help them get past that mentally (even if they mapped to the same numbering scheme behind the scenes).

    Thanks for being so responsive to my feedback. This looks like it will be a really handy tool with a few very minor tweaks. I like the process of using the visualization to do estimates.




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