Changing the Product Backlog display

Is it possible to add additional columns to the product backlog?  I would like to show Business Value to the select and show it to give a quicker look at my highest value items and ensure it's entered everywhere.


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    Erik LeBel

    hi George,

    it is possible to configure columns for your product backlog in the Urban Turtle configuration file (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 12.0\Application Tier\Web Services\Areas\UrbanTurtle\Configuration)

    Under the following section for the appropriate WorkItemType you can have up to two sections for visible columns using the template reference names:

    <Card WorkItemType="User Story">
    <Section ReferenceName="Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.StoryPoints" Unit="pts" />
    <Section ReferenceName="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.BusinessValue" />

    In the above example I'm assuming the presence of a field named Microsoft.VSTS.Common.BusinessValue. You can only reference fields actually present on your template's work item type.

    I hope that helps.




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