Want to filter the product manager view by iteration and status

We are using a 3 level hierarchy for Product Management view starting with Work Item Type Feature. In the Product Management view, I want to be able to filter the feature list that is shown by iteration path and state. Secondly, even though I have configured the view to 3 level with first level as Feature, Second Level as Product Backlog, the main screen shows all the features and each feature has an arrow to features which should be taking me to the PBI view (which it does but is just labeled incorrectly). The PBI view does allow me to filter by iteration and status as well as Area.


My question is how can I filter the topmost view in Product Management? 


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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi Debbie,

    With the product management, you will be able to have a 2 or 3 level structure.

    • 2 levels: Feature that contains PBI
    • 3 levels: Initiatives that contains Features, which contains PBI

    The terms I’m using here are depending on the Template that you are using in Team Foundation Server. Any of the Work Item Type could be renamed depending on your organisation.

    At the feature level, Iterations, Area and Status filters are available (since 4.23), so you can narrow the Features you are seeing or the PBI’s.

    The product management focus on helping Product Owners classified and organise their projects. While the backlog help Product Owners to prioritize the PBIs. Here are two articles describing the functionality of the Product Management and how to configure it.


     Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need more assistance.

    Regards, Vincent

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