What attributes are needed in order to populate the Velocity graph?

I've populated several product backlog items with Business Values using the Estimation function however, when I create a Velocity graph...nothing appears. What attributes need to be populated in order to see velocity?  I selected 4 sprint's and work has reached a "Done" state in previous sprint's so I would expect some kind of trend line.  Do all items need to be done in a sprint for the velocity to show?

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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi Karla, 

    Depending on the TFS Template that you use, the velocity graph different values. In the Scrum Template, the velocity graph will use the effort field of your work items (Product Backlog Item, Bug). In the Agile Template, it will use the Story Points field. 

    If you use another template, or a heavily customize template, let us know, we can also map the correct field in our configuration file.

    The business value is a notion of acquired value for your project. You can think of it this way, doing the story will bring how much value to my end users. Or how much can you sell this story to your customers. Here’s more information about this:

    Regards, Vincent

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    Vincent Cléroux

    Another thought about this.

    The status of Product Backlog Item needs to be set to “Done” to count toward the velocity. If all tasks are done, but the PBI is still open, it will still count as 0 in the velocity graph. 

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