Excessive Notifications

My scrum master is receiving excessive notifications - around 43 emails for a single task update. 

I checked her alerts and she only has alerts for records created by her. I updated a task under a product backlog item she created and she received 23 notifications for it.  The notification has text stating Type = Child, Description = 8650.

We just signed up for enterprise Urban Turtle last week and our continued use is dependent on receiving timely support. If this is not the correct method for requesting support, please provide direction.

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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi Karla, 

    The email notifications are sent by Team Foundation Server. If a modification is made by a user in Urban Turtle, it may trigger a notification, depending on the rules that you have configure in TFS. 

    Can you compare the history from a card and the notification received? We would like to know if there as many change registered in the card history as email received.2015-07-16_Product_Management_Team_Sprint_6_-_Microsoft_Team_Foundation_Server.png


    Also, regarding the description that you have sent us, it looks like the modification was the creation of a child under the parent. Meaning that if the user created a PBI, and another user added a task under it. TFS register this as a modification (link added) to the PBI also, triggering an email in your case.

    Do you think that this is the modification triggering the email?

    We will do some use case regarding this, but can you tell us if that behaviour is different using the TFS Work Tab and Urban Turtle when you add a task to a PBI?


    Regards, Vincent

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