Bugs not showing on Sprint nor Fast Track

Originally from ticket #330.

We are evaluating UT and having issue with bugs not showing on Sprint

We are using TFS2012 with Update 1 release. (

Tom Brzeski

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tom.

    This is most likely because the bug work items are in a state that is not mapped to any of the column of the sprint backlog. Usually it is because they are in the New or Commited state). To see your bug, just go in the Product Backlog and edit it.. Change its state to Approved and then Commited and this should make it visible in the Sprint Backlog.


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    Trent Jones

    Can you show the mapping changes needed for config file for scrum 2.0 to make these show up again.  Either in the "needs attention" format or in the "To Do" column.  We are having a hard time right now managing bugs when they aren't seen on the screen.  Agreed the above is a work around but want to make a copy of the config file to fit our needs.

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