Stories/Bugs and their tasks missing from sprint backlog

This has been plaguing us for a while. For reasons unknown, stories and/or bugs refuse to show in Urban Turtle's Sprint Backlog. We have confirmed they are all in the same Iteration Path, all in the same Area, the stories and bugs are committed, etc. They show up fine in the TFS 2012 backlog.

Today I discovered that one of the missing bugs had a "backlog priority" of 41266102. I'm assuming this was automatically assigned by Urban Turtle while dragging and dropping, but I can't know for sure. When I change this number to 10 and refresh the bug now appears on the sprint backlog. My guess is that the auto assigned priority may be too large to be handled and is silently erroring.

I can't be sure this is the only cause of our problems, but it would be nice if this could be fixed.


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Adam,

    This is probably because you have a backlog with a large number of work items. By default, Urban Turtle 2012 will display the first 200 work items. This is probably why when the priority of a work item is raised, it suddenly shows up in the backlog.

    There is 2 solutions to that problem. You can use areas to organize work items in a way that will prevent having more than 200 work items when filters are applied. You can also modify the default value for the maximum number of work items displayed by Urban Turtle. The documentation on how to do that is here.

    You are right about the value of the BacklogPriority field. It is automatically assigned by Urban Turtle. You might be interested in this thread if you want to know more about those values. 





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    We only have 61 bugs or stories in the current iteration path. Are you including tasks too? Or maybe what's happening is that someone is switching the iteration path to the our backlog iteration path (which may have more than 200 work items) in the sprint backlog view... would this cause Urban Turtle to change the backlog priority? I'll pass on the documentation to increase the max to our TFS administrator. Thanks.

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    Petter Nyquist

    I suggest that you display a warning at the bottom of the sprint backlog. "The sprint backlog contains more than [limit] WorkItems. Only the [limit] Work Items with highest priority is visible. Use filters to reduse the number og WorkItems or ask administrator to increase the limit"

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