Create a copy of this work item (including links) is not including all links

We are using version and would like to duplicate a story with all of its tasks. We used the button on the story with the hover text "Create a copy of this work item (including links)" . The product backlog item was copied but none of its child tasks were copied. I assumed since the tasks showed up under the links tab on the PBI they would be copied too.

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    I tried duplicating a work item and it worked for me. I think that what happens is that the links to the child work items are duplicated but not the work item s themselves. For example, let's say that you have a work item called "Foo" that has a child work item called "Bar". If you create a copy of work item "Foo", you will get another work item (let's call it "Foo 1") with the same links as work item "Foo". In this case, both "Foo" and "Foo 1" will have the same link that points to "Bar".

    Please note that the "Create a copy of this work item (including links)" is an option provided by Web Access. You can use this option when you are using the backlog that is under the "WORK" tab in Web Access. Everything that is under the "HOME", "CODE", "WORK", "BUILD" and "TEST" tabs is developed by Microsoft and not the Urban Turtle team.

    Hope this helps




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