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We've updated our TFS2013 to version 2 but we have a couple of issues with urban turtle. I think they are related to the update of TFS but I'm not sure.
1. We cannot delete work items any more. Javascript error, see screenshot.
2. We cannot drag items from the unordered list to the ordered list (you need to edit the work item and change the priority manually to something other than 0 and then prioritise it). Note: normal dragging in the ordered list is working.

By the way: we did the "hard" update. We updated TFS first, then changed registry, removed urban turtle and installed Urban-Turtle-2013-4.16.1.msi.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Erik LeBel

    hi Sebastien,

    There are some bugs pertaining to Java Script interactions between Urban Turtle 4.16/4.16.1 and TFS 2013 release 2. These have been addressed in Urban Turtle 4.16.2 and 4.17.

    I recommend that you update to the latest version of Urban Turtle as I suspect that it will resolve these issues.



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    Sebastiaan Molleman

    Yes, the upgrade to 4.17 fixed all bugs, thanks!

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