Dragging an Item from Unordered List to Empty Backlog throws TF400898: Internal Error

We hava an issue where we get an internal error message when dragging a Product Backlog Item from the unordered List to the Product Backlog. What we do:

  1. Start a new Release
  2. Add 2 Product Backlog Items to the new Release (unordered)
  3. Drag one of these to the Backlog -> BAM! TF400898: Internal Error

How we can "fix" the Issue

  1. Open one Product Backlog Item
  2. Set a Backlog Priority and Save the Item
  3. The Product Backlog now appears in the Backlog (the other stays in the unordered List)
  4. From now on all works fine when dragging items to the backlog

we use TFS2013.2 and Urbanturtle

Kind Regards

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    Erik LeBel

    hi Thomas,

    a release was just published that addressed this issue (4.18.3).



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