Added Features to Project Management - But a User Story is showing overalapping

I created Features today that were copied from a User Story.  They automatically showed up in the Project Management page.  I then create start/end dates and set a sprint goal on the dashboard.  When I returned to the PM module, a user story is showing up and is overlapping the other features. Also, the text for the project management page is overlapping various other items for some reason.  It's hard to describe. The menus at the top of the dashboard like Iteration and Area show double, The Feature element's clickable areas and draggable components do not work, etc.  I have attached a picture...


Anyone ever seen this?  I don't know how to even troubleshoot this unless I have something messed up in TFS with some customization I've done at the template level.

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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi Shawn,

    This could happen if you have a rich text in the description or acceptation criteria that doesn't close HTML tag properly. Usually, this happen when you copied and paste. One trick would be to copied the description and acceptance in notepad (to remove all HTML tag) and copied them back.

    Also, we have a new version of the product management where this bug won't happen (actually, we are not showing the description field anymore). Here's a link if you want more information in the new version of the product management :

    Hope this help, Vincent

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