DirectLinks mode doesn't nest predecessor/successor tasks consistently

In the attached screenshot there are two task sequences: 15353->15356 and 15345->15347->15348. Both are children of a PBI which is "Affected By" the root work item. In the first case, they nest correctly, in the second, they don't nest at all. I tried removing 15348 from the sequence yet they still remained at same node level.

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    Luc Dorval

    Hi John,

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to display the dependencies between work items. As of today, it is not something possible in Urban Turtle. If you setup your Product Backlog the way you are doing, you may end up breaking your data. Urban Turtle only displays every work item once in the Product Backlog. If you are using the links the way you are, you will lose the ability to prioritize the items. Since the dependencies could also be between PBIs, the parent-child view will be irrelevant.

    Vincent, our PO is fully aware of our discussion and if you could provide more details about your business needs, it would help him explore ways to implement a feature about dependencies between work items.



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