Feature board not factoring in states when grouped

  1. Product Management->Board
  2. Deselect "Done" from States.
  3. Group by Epic
  4. Epics that are done and have no visible children are still showing
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    Vincent Cléroux

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the feedback. In fact we do not apply the statuses filters to the group by. So it will cause this behavior. We will need to improve this. 


    Quick question:

    From your point of view, would it be better to:

    • Applied / or create a status filter for the Epic group by
    • Just never display Epic that are done

    Regards, Vincent


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    John D. Shkolnik

    I'd view it as a right join. It shouldn't show anything done unless it contains something not done so that I might find discrepancies.

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