Sunset Graph: a way to forecast with your business value.

The Sunset Graph is part of the Agile Dashboad module of Urban Turtle 2012 application platform.

Why a Sunset Graph?

The main purpose of this graph is to monitor progress while following the scope.

The Sunset Graph allows you to visualize the presentation of the project progress. It makes it easier for managers to understand at a high level the issues encountered by the team. Managers can then focus on anticipating potential budget excess or non-delivery of mandatory stories as opposed to focusing on the content of the project.

In addition the keeping managers informed, the Sunset Graph supports the concept of the self-organized team.

The Sunset Graph, named this way, by Pyxis Technologies, because of its colors, is the perfect tool to bring some visibility to the following:

  • The scope of the backlog (orange), split into mandatory / important / optional categories
  • The actual progress (blue), also split into mandatory / important / optional categories
  • Forecast completion trends based on the velocity of the team
  • Fluctuation of the scope in the backlog

How to read the graph

With a quick look, managers can easily follow the progress of the team in light of their commitment to deliver the stories based on the team’s velocity. Before the first sprint, the team plots the number of sprints planned for the project (x-axis), the number of points to be delivered (y-axis), and the forecasted velocity.

Optimistic Trend (green line)

The optimistic trend forecasts the scenario for the team to complete the project scope (mandatory, important, and optional) if its velocity increases.

Pessimistic Trend (purple line)

The pessimistic trend forecasts the scenario for the team to complete the project scope (mandatory, important, and optional) if its velocity decreases. Read further resources

How-to configure the Sunset Graph in the Agile Dashboard for TFS » An article to help you get the most of your TFS data.



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